Your Portable Library for Android Auto

Everand, a popular document reader app, is a treasure trove of over 170 million documents and counting. This app is a must-have for Android Auto users who want to explore a global community of knowledge right from their car.

Purpose of the App

Everand serves as a portable library, allowing users to explore a wide range of topics and niches. From official government documents to academic dissertations, medical reports, DIY hobbies, user manuals, case studies, and more, Everand has it all. It’s a platform where curiosity meets knowledge, and where subject matter experts and enthusiasts share valuable insights.

Features for Android Auto Users

One of the key features of Everand that makes it suitable for Android Auto users is its ability to sync content across multiple devices. This means you can start reading a document at home on your tablet, and continue from where you left off in your car.

The app also allows users to download documents to read offline, making it perfect for those long drives when you want to catch up on some reading. You can save your favorite documents for easy access later.

For those who prefer listening to reading, Everand also offers audiobooks with customizable narration speed. You can set a sleep timer, or download the audiobooks to listen offline. This feature can be particularly useful for Android Auto users, turning travel time into productive learning or entertainment time.

Subscription Details

Everand offers a monthly subscription starting at just $11.99. The subscription automatically renews unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the next billing date. A Everand monthly subscription also includes access to Everand (ebooks and audiobooks) at no extra cost.

In conclusion, Everand is a versatile app that brings a world of knowledge to your fingertips. Its compatibility with Android Auto makes it a valuable companion for those long drives, turning travel time into a productive and enjoyable experience.