Powering Your Journey with Electric Vehicle Charging

The future of transportation is electric, and ChargePoint is leading the way with its innovative app. Designed for Android Auto users, this app is a game-changer for electric vehicle (EV) owners.

Seamless Connection to Charging Stations

ChargePoint connects drivers to the world’s largest EV charging network. With hundreds of thousands of available stations and roaming partners to choose from, finding, using, and paying for charging your EV has never been easier. The app provides real-time information about charging station availability, allowing drivers to find and navigate to available charging spots with ease.

Unlocking a World of Features

The ChargePoint app is not just about finding charging stations. It also allows users to start charging easily. Once at a ChargePoint station, users can unlock the station from their vehicle and simply plug in to start charging.

Moreover, the app provides a wealth of information about each charging station. Users can find details about station availability, pricing, popular times to charge, charging history, and driver tips. This comprehensive information helps users plan their charging sessions effectively.

Stay Informed with Notifications

One of the standout features of the ChargePoint app is its notification system. The app sends reminders to charge when your battery is low and you’re parking near a charging spot. This feature ensures that users never miss an opportunity to charge their EVs.

Roaming for More Convenience

ChargePoint offers roaming capabilities, allowing users to use their ChargePoint account to charge at FLO and EVgo stations. This feature expands the charging network available to users, making it even more convenient to own and operate an EV.

In conclusion, ChargePoint is more than just an app; it’s a comprehensive solution for EV charging. It simplifies the process of finding and using charging stations, making it easier for drivers to embrace the future of transportation. With ChargePoint, powering your journey has never been easier.