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Your Personalized Music Experience on the Road

Shuttle Music Player is a modern, focused music player that brings your music collection to your fingertips. Whether you’re streaming your music via Jellyfin, Emby, or Plex, or playing it locally on your device, Shuttle has got you covered.

One of the standout features of Shuttle is its built-in tag editor. Unlike the often unreliable Android Media Store, Shuttle ensures your playlists won’t go missing and your tags will be imported correctly. This means you can organize your music just the way you like it, without any hiccups.

Shuttle supports a wide range of media formats, including built-in software codecs for Opus and FLAC. This means you can enjoy your favorite tunes in high quality, no matter what format they’re in.

But that’s not all. Shuttle also comes with a custom-built 10-band equalizer with a frequency response graph. This allows you to fine-tune your music experience to your liking. Whether you want to boost the bass or tweak the treble, Shuttle gives you the control you need.

For those long drives, Shuttle includes a sleep timer, so you can drift off to your favorite tunes without worrying about draining your battery. And with its Day/Night mode and theme options, you can customize the look of your player to match your mood or your car’s interior.

Shuttle is not just about functionality, it’s about aesthetics too. With its modern MD2 design, it’s a music player that looks as good as it sounds. And with automatic artwork downloading, your music collection will look stunning on your device’s display.

In conclusion, Shuttle Music Player is more than just a music player. It’s a comprehensive music experience that puts you in the driver’s seat. With its wide range of features and user-friendly interface, it’s the perfect companion for Android Auto users. So why wait? Start your music journey with Shuttle today. Enjoy the ride!


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